O Cahuita Costa Rica!

Cahuita Costa Rica Mural

Me and Foxy didn't expect much from Cahuita Costa Rica. In fact, our dumbbell guide books said it was a ramshackle pile of hoo-ha and not to bother. But we met a guy at the tourist information office who said: No, chicas. Cahuita is where you snorkle! And he hooked us up for about half the usual price ($25 per person for snorkeling, boat ride, and fruit spread on the beach. Worth it.)

We took the public bus from Puerto Viejo to Cahuita, and we loved it instantly. This is a mural on the bus station wall. Cool, right?

Snorkeling in Cahuita Costa Rica is a life-changing experience

We sallied forth with Adventuras Con King. The captain was a total hottie. I'm sorry, I didn't get a photo of him! You have to go see in person. He's a super-sweet guy named Cesar and he took great care of us and led us to some amazing snorkel sites. We took a boat out, snorkeled in two different places, and then landed on the beach of the Cahuita National Park, which is absolutely dazzling.

Cesar fed us organic watermelon and bananas, and then Foxy and I hiked back to Cahuita. It was an easy hour's walk through a path with the jungle on one side and the pristine beaches on the other. I had to keep asking myself, "Am I really here?"

We did some good eatin'

Cahuita Costa Rica Cuisine

Naturally, after all that snorkeling and hiking, we were hungry and in need of a beer. (I was also sunburned as all get-out.) We started out at a sorta cool looking place called Roberto's in Cahuita, but the service was so slow that we had to leave. We stumbled across this AWESOME place right next to the park. (When you see three disembodied head statues, you know you're there.) The owner is an older guy named Juan who only cooks Fridays through Sundays. He makes all his own food and brings it to the...restaurant? Not sure that's the right word. Anyway, there is only one menu option: chicken with salad, beans, and rice. You can get your own beer from the corner store if you want. The chicken ROCKED OUR WORLD. It was amazing. Foxy had to get seconds and she talked about it for the rest of the trip. It also cost just a few dollars.

Do it. You won't regret it.

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