Gay friendly travel is our hope, but some people don't heart gays. Eff-ed up, man.

The reason Foxy and I have to search for gay friendly travel is, of course, eff-ed up to begin with. How about just friendly travel? But when you are a same-sex couple, like us and (prolly) like you, a bad destination choice could end up with you and your Sugar spending a should-be-fabulous vacay fending off homophobes. Ew.

Me and Foxy are scoping it out for you and reporting back on our adventures.

Go be gay in Mexico.

Obviously, I was nervous about visiting Mexico alone with no Spanish language skills at all. This was 2008. I was doing a homestay and I did not want to end up with my family kicking me to the curb me because my Foxy is a girl instead of a boy.

Here's what I did: I went to CETLALIC in Cuernavaca, Mexico. It's one of the very few Spanish language schools that offers actual classes for LGBT students. And you can ask for a gay-friendly homestay if you want.

Want? Oh yes please.

My homestay was truly fabulous, and queer as a three-dollar bill. I had my very own gay uncle and an on-site theater running Bonnie and Clyde in Spanish, I sh*t you not.

I didn't go to CETLALIC during the gay class period (it's two or three weeks) but just during the regular summer season. You can start classes on any Monday, year round. I love those people. They even got me a birthday cake!

Don't worry, dearies, I'm working on more about Cuernavaca and will add it to this site soon. La Gringa is very busy, you know.

Visit my page on gay Spain! Even the straight guys look gay!

Oh pudding pop. Get thee back from Gay Friendly Travel to my homepage. Thanks for visiting.

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