Spanish travel: I love it so much I want to marry it.

Blissed out in Barcelona Spanish travel

La Gringa is up for Spanish travel any time. Why? Because when my buddy Saucy and I visited I fell in love with Spain and I can't seem to get over it. It's like a high school crush that won't go away, but my crush involves a whole country several thousand miles from where I live. So you can understand why I spend my free time writing this website for YOU, darling, who are no doubt planning a trip to Spain and want to know a little more. See how blissed-out I was in BCN?

Why are you so all about Spain, La Gringa?

It's hard to explain love, isn't it? But as soon as I laid my jet-lagged eyes on Barcelona, I felt like I'd come home. The older parts of the city are full of Gothic architecture, which looks like this.

Spanish travel

And lots of narrow alleys that end in some adorable little cafe you'll never be able to find again. The pace of life in Barcelona suits me, too. Get up around 11, have some cafe con leche, lounge around until it's time for comida at 2, eat yourself silly, nap, then roam the city and stay up til 2 drinking wine in cafes. Yes, that's a traveler's schedule, but still - it seemed as if the whole city was with me.

I haven't gotten to the Gaudi yet. Crazytacular.

Spanish travel Gaudi

That's La Pedrera, an apartment building Gaudi created. Look at this amazing organic aesthetic! Have you seen anything like this? NO. Only in pictures, I bet. Its way more awesome, and I use the term literally, in person. Sally forth, travelers! Here's Barcelona's Gaudi jewel, the Sagrada Familiar cathedral, still under construction after a hundredsomething years.

Spanish travel

I ask you, can you go your whole life without seeing this in person? I should think not. Spanish travel is good for the soul. Spanish travel Here's a snippet of Gaudi's Parc Guell, which looks like a Dr. Seuss fantasyland turned reality. The mosaics (which is what the blue parts in this photo are, aside from the woman's dress) is incredibly detailed and beautiful.

But it's not all urban experiences. Spain has beaches!

Spanish travel

Saucy and I took the train from Barcelona down to Sitges, a beach resort about an hour away. It was an easy public transit experience and we had a blast frolicking in the surf, as you can see. This is just one of many options for Spanish travel to beaches, and I hope you, dear reader, will write in with more info and photos. La Gringa can't be everywhere, though she'd love to.

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